Housing Standards with Banties?

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    Well I was curious, I have about a year old OEGB, and 2 month old RIR and a 3 month old Dark Brahma Banty. So can they be in the some coop and run? THey have a coop thats about 7 ft long. A large run, 2 LARGE(I used drawers from old dressers) feeding station, and 2 large watering stations. The coop has 4 roosts. And a nest box, but the OEGB nests behind and below the coop. Can they live toghether. I will have to watch them, but should they be ok? They OEGB is a very kind submissive, and yet scared bird.
  2. I have 4 large hens in with my bantams. And they are fine together.
  3. Probably if your roo is a banty & the ONLY roo. I'd not put two roos in there or a hen banty with standard roos...
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    Sep 14, 2007
    Modesto Ca
    No roos.
  5. Then I'd say it would be okay, as long as there is plenty of room & roosts to get away if they (the larger) chickens start picking on the banty....and just watch for signs....most of the time, the banties are more fiery than the standards & stand up for themselves pretty well. [​IMG]
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    I am intentionally raising a roo and 2 girls- I loved my big roo, but he was to much of a lover and gave him a larger flock. I enjoy the rooster as he calls attention to danger, will cause a ruckus if there is any one in the yard and some solicitors are fearful of roos...Perhaps they wont be respectful to Roger, worth a try. [​IMG]

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