hova bator 1602n with turner SMASHED my egg!! (with pics)


6 Years
Jul 21, 2013
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My Coop

What's up with this? I had the egg in the top right egg spot and as far as I can tell the turner squished it into the motor (top pic empty spot in top right). Why would they put a placement for an egg if it's going to squish it into the motor?? And not only that this is day 14! It was fine until today...

So far I've left the egg in the bator. Any thoughts on this? I inspected it I didn't see any leakage so I would assume the membrane inside is still sealed. This has to mess up the development of the chick...right? I just don't want to have to put down a poor chick that got attacked by the hova bator...

On a side note this is my 2nd hatching - first one went great and I was really impressed with this little incubator. We had 100% hatch rate (3 hens 1 roo makes it easy to be fertile). I don't think we used that spot on our first go through tho.... Thoughts?

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