Hova-Bator questions....I have NO idea!

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    Hi everyone! DH and I are finally joining the incubating-team!!!! We were just 'lent' a Hova-Bator, "Turbo-Fan", Circulated Air Incubator. This appears to be quite old, and does not come with a manual. We have a new motor for it, DH is installing it right now.

    What do we do now!?!? It looks to me like we need atleast one thermometer (none included). What is suggested (cheapest please)?

    Here are some pictures...


    How do we tell what the humidity is? Do we need something special?

    I know I know, so many questions....LOVE YOU ALL!!!

    Thank yoU!
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    Nov 23, 2008
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    got one just like yours, go to wal-mart and get a humidty/ temp guage , they are about 6 to 10 $. and you will be ready to put some eggs in when you get the temp and humidty where you want it . i do my temps at 99.5. and my humidty at 30 to 40 % for days 1-18, then on day 18 after morning turn i take turner out and bring the humidty up to 45 to 55% till day 23 or till all have hatched (days 18-23 do not open the bator at all) if you need more info just let me know by e-mail or pm william
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  3. mjane

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    I would get at least two therometers to make sure they are accurate. Make sure you have a hydrometer to measure your humidity this is so important. There are some stickies on hatching so go head and read them, print them out so you have them for future reference. I see you have a turner, great less chance of disturbing the eggs the better. Also get yourself a reliable candler, a strong flashlight will work. I bought a candler from a chicken sight and never regretted it. You should candle the eggs at day 7, 12 and 18. It gets very exciting, I wanted to candle everyday but the less you handle your eggs the better. After day 18 turn off the turner. You can either leave them in the egg turner(don't advise it) put them on their side or place an egg carton with the air cell up(my preferred method) and just wait and wait for the pipping to start. Don't be surprised if on day 20 you wake to some peeping in the shell. Good luck but BEWARE.... This becomes very addicting~!
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    Looks like the same one I have it is great you have a Turner very nice I want a turner
    Let it run a few days to make sure it is holding a study temperature. You can get a gauge at most farm supply stores

    Happy hatching!
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    I dont see a hole for the fan exaust there should be a small hole in the lid, in the center of the fan. Is this a modified still air?. If so, make sure the fan runs continuously, even when the heat/light cycles on and off. Sorry I dont mean to confuse you but it might be the red plug spot. if so the plug needs to be out.
  6. citalk2much

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    The holes are in the center around the heat fan unit. The red plugs you are too pull when the hatch begins thou I have never done that with quail and seems odd to do it with chickens anyone eles use this bator do you pull the plugs? This is my first batch of chickens in the bator.
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    Got two of them just like yours operated for years now with no problems.

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