hovabator digital?


5 Years
Mar 16, 2014
After having 4 temperature spikes up to 102 in my farm innovations incubator, I'm fed up. It has cooked most of my eggs! I found a hovabator digital with circulated air fan.
Does anyone have experience with this incubator? Is it worth the money?
I have the 1588. Also went the farm innovations and little giant route when first starting out. They were good at cooking eggs and low hatch percentages. With the 1588 it's generally in the high 90 percent hatch range. I did get 119 out of 120 quail eggs on my first ever hatch with it about 10 years ago. So far never a bad hatch. It does as good as my cabinet incubators. Right now it has 12 dutch bantams, 70-75 coturnix and 11 call ducks in it. It's pretty well a set it and forget it incubator. Most of the time I keep it running the whole season for odd numbers of small hatches and the cabinets are for larger hatches. My only complaint is it's hard to tell which water reservoir to fill with the eggs in it. One of these days I will paint the correct reservoir to combat that. Seems I would have learned by now but once it gets started it's very odd to not have eggs in it besides for cleaning the liner until season is over.

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