Hovabator genesis temp/humidity accurate???


Apr 17, 2016
Just wondering how many have calibrated their genesis temp/humidity to see if it was accurate or not? I didn't bother, because by the time it arrived in the mail, my eggs were already 3-4 weeks old (given to me for free, just not good timing lol) so I just threw them in and figured I had nothing to lose. Out of 16, only 3 looked good when I candled on day 18. I didn't even expect that many, so yay... Put two other temp/humidity readers in there at lockdown. Both of those read the same (98.6 when the incubator says 100, 68 humidity when the incubator says 55). Which do you suppose is correct? We are on day 22 right now and I'm trying to resist the urge to candle them again...
Day 23, still nothing... Candled -- I think only one is viable now. I saw movement. One other, maybe... The other one I think is a goner.
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Just wondering how many have calibrated their genesis temp/humidity to see if it was accurate or not? ....

I have a Hovabator Genesis 1588. When compared to a known calibrated temp/humidity monitor, the temp reading on the Hovabator was two degrees F cool and the humidity was as little as 15% to as much as 30% off. I don't remember which way it was off (low, I think). Once I knew it was off, I just ignored it and used the known-good humidity monitor. I had to set my Hovabator to 98 degrees F in order to maintain a 100.2-to-100.4 F temp at egg level.
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Interesting! I'm having the opposite problem; I had to set it higher for temp. As my eggs have not hatched and today's candling was not promising, I think I will trust the other thermometers. I'll go with some cheap hatching eggs to test it out again before I buy any fancy expensive egg... I float tested and though everything has an air cell and floats fine, there is no movement. The egg that I thought was moving, turns out I was seeing bubbles floating around. I'm no expert but I'm guessing I shouldn't be seeing bubbles at day 24...
I would trust the other temp/humidity monitors over what the Hovabator says. If you check the humidity reading of the others using the salt method (for example), it's easy enough to find out of the humidity readout is accurate on them.
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I cracked open the eggs. Two were fully grown but malpositione. One of those was absolutely perfect but didn't absorb the yolk (maybe died at like 20 days?) one was deformed (bloated belly, small soft skull, no eyes, and what appeared to be the heart or some other organ outside its body), and one had died around day 11-12. Do you think a temp of 98.6 would really be the cause of these? Or is it because the eggs were old? Or a combination of both? I am looking for some cheap eggs to try again with.
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