hovabator incubator

Save your money and purchase a good incubator. A hovabator does not hold a temperature very steady at all. Even with a forced air. I've had zero hatches in my forced air and my best hatch on my still air was 30% over the course of 3 attempts.
I have a couple havobators mine hold temperture steady never droping or raising .5 of a degree either way. I havent had any problems with incubating eggs that were caused by the incubator. If your doing this on a small scale as a hobby you really dont need to invest into anything more then one of these.
My Hovabator is working great! I have had no temp fluctuations, and it has room for lots of eggs
I just got a hovabator and it has an automatic egg turner insert! Need less to say, I am thrilled-gone are the days of hand turning!!! My father in law uses only the hovabator after years of trying out different models, he was the head zoo-keeper of our zoo for years, has tended and hatched thousands of chickens and quails and so many others, and now retired to a small farm in the country and he swears by this thing. Hope he isnt wrong;)
An incubator is a box with a heat source & a thermostat. Used properly they all work fine. I have 2 large cabinet incubators now but have used both Hovabators & Littler Giants in the past. I hatched literally hundreds of chicks in both of them. Read & follow the instructions & you'll be fine.

What type of cabinet incubators do you use. I am looking at the sportsman 1502, or the ova easy 380. I am wondering which is better.

I gave up...I'd only get 3 eggs to hatch. In every hatch. All in the same spots. They were incubated indoors so no flux from outside sources. Maybe I got 2 lemons??
Two very old Redwood incubators from Leahy Mfg Co. Got one at an auction for $35 & the other came from a house that was being torn down. I paid $50 for 3 incubators that were in the basement. Kept one & sold the other 2 for $385.
Still use the wafer type thermostats but may upgrade to electronics some day.

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