Hover Brooder Described in Robert Plamondon's Book


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Jan 26, 2011
My husband just built a 2x2 hover brooder as described in Robert Plamondon's Book. My only question is do the lights need some sort of shield to keep the chicks from getting burned by them? Or are chicks smart enough to just not touch the lights? What about if the other chicks press one up against the light and it can't get away?

I've no idea what the brooder looks like, but if you think the light's too close to the chicks it may be a good idea to put some kind of barrier between them and it. Something like a small chicken wire "cage" around the light.
If you have more than one light I don't think you'll have to worry about chicks squashing each other, unless the light's not adequate. Have a look round this section and in the "Incubating & Hatching Eggs" section. I'm sure there will be some photo's and more info to help put your mind at ease.
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Hi - I built one of these this winter with a red light on one side and a white on the other. I didn't use a shield and all the chicks seemed to turn out fine. The only thing I would have done differently is to maybe use plexiglass on the sides so I could see the chicks without having to bend down and look underneath - but not really a big deal

I installed a light switch on the side to independently control each light and would recommend it. It made it very easy to simply turn off one of the lights when it was no longer needed. The picture below shows the chicks the day they arrived. I wouldn't use newspaper again but have had good success with the chicks straight on top of wood chips.

I recently acquired two more chicks and ended up with them in the house in a makeshift brooder with a hanging heat lamp. After comparing the two experiences, I never want to have to use an inside brooder again because the hover brooder was so easy.

I went out to inspect the chicks every night for almost a month and they really did manage their own heat needs. Sometimes they would huddle together, others they would spread out and when it was time to raise the hover, the chicks were sleeping just on the outside edge of the box.


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