hovering brooder??

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12 Years
Mar 6, 2007
Afternoon has onyone tired one of the hovering brooders? Ny hubby and I were going to make one and though I would see if ya'll have tried it> It looks fairly easy to take care of. i have chicks, ducklings and gooslings coming. The chicks will work in my regulare brooder but I needed something for the ducks and geese. Crystal3
i'm no expert by far,and i'm sure many people use those type of brooders.it looks like you could put alot of chicks under it,but it doesn't seem you could keep an eye on them very well.if a few had died how would you know?i like to get dead ones out asap.it seems like you have to flip it up often to check on them and that would be a pain.
just my opinon though. i'm sure it would keep young poultry warm.
I don't usually have a problem after the first two weeks. I would brood them in the house for the first two weeks then move them outside. i have a big brooder that we brood quail in, but once the chicks get to a certin size it seems cruel to not have a place for them to wander. Crystal
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