how best to check for leg injuries?

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    May 7, 2011
    LIMPING BIRD. Hi folks. I have a XXL New Hampshire Red hen. She is less than a year old, but fully grown. She's very heavy and has huge ankles and feet. Last summer I sucessfully removed bumblefoot from one of her feet. That is totally gone. I also added ramps to everything in her coop and made it safer for a bird her weight.

    Suddenly today she is limping. Now coincidentally at 6am this morning I thought i heard a loud noise from the coop like a bird falling off the top perch (4' up) and maybe thats the cause, not sure. I hope thats all it is. She is limping so bad now. She is keeping the weight off her right foot. She is in pain, but not life and death.

    Just now I grabbed her, wrapped her vision w/a towel, examined her. Both legs/ankles look the same, both feet look the same, no heat coming off the R foot, no swelling that I can see. No bumblefoot. I didnt squeeze or really examine the whole leg all the way up past the feathers. I didnt want to hurt her. She is eating fine, normal looking, trying to hangout and roam around the yard w/the other girls. Not sick. Here is a video of my birds shot today. She is the last bird to walk up to the camera. You can see her limping:

    Is there a way to check for trauma? Did I miss something to look for? What should I do? This just started today. Again, she has ramps to get to the perches tonite. THANKS PEOPLE.
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    Mar 14, 2011
    I know you can give her dissolved aspirin for pain... do a search on this forum for pain relief. Sounds like a sprain?

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