how best to keep our lonely chicken company


7 Years
Nov 16, 2012
We've had chickens for about 5 years, during which we've raised 2 sets of chicks (3 and 2 at a time). Sadly we're now left with only one lone chicken and we'd love to get some more to keep her company and keep our mini flock going. We're currently not sure whether it would be best to get a few point of lay chickens to keep Peppa company in her old age or start with 3 young chicks again and introduce them in a few months. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or experience on this kind of thing, Thanks !


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8 Years
Jun 28, 2011

If I was in your position I'd try to get 3-4 young pullets. Of around 12 weeks old. They'd be old enough to handle a bit of bullying from your older hen, but not old enough to be cheeky and bully her. Otherwise get one or 2 POL pullets. Chicks will take weeks and weeks to grow big enough to be company for her and she'll get lonely in the meantime.

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