How best use Jubilee Orps - or even Mottled.

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by oleyankeefarmer, Feb 26, 2015.

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    Feb 25, 2015
    So I am new here but have had birds 18 years. I started with Buff orps and went to blues. I am wanting to try some new things. Here is my focusing on my orps....

    I have a black roo, jubilee roo, 2 blue hens, 2 black hens....I have on order 12 lav eggs, 5 blue chicks, 3 jubilee chicks. Id like some mottled chicks/eggs as well. But....I am all over the place in trying to figure out how to best use the colors.

    Batman (the black roo) normally has only blue or black hens.
    Joker (the Jubilee roo) should only have Jubilee hens?? Is that true?

    Whats the deal with our resulting splashes? Ive been selling them as chicks and not keeping any since they are not an approved color to show and I cant cross them to either roo. But then I went and ordered Lavs and they are not approved either...and on top of it how can I use the Lav girls in my program without a lav roo?

    Seems like I have to have an entire coop or just Jubilees and then another one of just Mottles if I want them too??

    Do you all set up coops by color? My place is starting to look like a jail!

    My other roo (Penquin) is a barn yard mix of a Austrolop x Blue Orp and has 3 NH reds, 3 Barred rocks, 2 Sussex, 2 cochinxamericans....he free ranges his girls so I cant ever let the orps out of the pens or he could get ahold of a hen.

    This is crazy. Help me find some direction!

    AmyJo (CT)
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    Welcome to BYC.

    You should check out the breeds forum, there is probably a thread for discussion of any breed you have.
    But......there may or may not be serious breeders participating in these discussions.

    You can also try using the advanced search to find info on particular breeds.
    I'll get you started:
    advanced search>titles only> jubilee orpington
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    About the blues, do you know how that color works?

    black x blue = 50% black, 50% blue
    black x splash = 100% blue
    blue x blue = 25% black, 50% blue, 25% splash
    blue x splash = 50% blue, 50% splash
    splash x splash = 100% splash

    You don't have to sell off all the splash chicks. As you can see black over splash will result in all blue offspring, so they can be useful if you want to keep some for a variety.

    Now for the lavenders, you can cross them to blacks.

    lavender x lavender = 100% lavender
    lavender x black = 100% black split for lavender (carrying one copy of the lav gene)
    lavender x black split = 50% lavender, 50% black split for lavender

    I don't know much about the jubilee coloration, so I would keep those to themselves.
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    Of course you can! Put those splashes with blacks and you'll get 100% blue chicks.
  5. HighStreetCoop

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    Aug 28, 2014
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