How big is your 'Duck Coop'?


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We might be getting about 4 or so ducks, so it would be nice to hear the rule of thumb for how many ducks per Sq Ft?
I was thinking....

-1 pair of Khakis
-1 pair of Pekins

or maybe just...

-1 Khaki
(As a pair)
-1 Pekin

Also, which one would you thing work better?

Ok, Back on subject, I was thinking maybe a (36")
(32") -

type dog house coop.. Anyone willing to respond?
I'm interested in the answer to this question!

I am considering buying 4 ducks and a drake. I've read on here that they require 4sf in a coop (like chickens) but I've also read that they hardly spend any time in the coop! So, if I'm just going to lock them up overnight to keep them safe from predators do I need to build a 20sf coop??
My ducks live in a used dog kennel!

They even stayed out all winter long... Occasionally they went into their dog house, but usually they waddled around in their pen when the snow was too deep for them to walk around in without freezing.

I have nine 'fowl' and they all have a nice amout of room in there. Not sure on the dimentions, but I'd say maybe 8'x10'? Maybe 7' high.

I have tarps all around the back half, and covering at least 90% of the top. They're also fitted to if the wind gets really bad, it'll blow out from under cinderblocks. (Plus the pen is anchored down with cinderblocks.) They get to run around all day on weekdays.
I didn't really answer any questions... So...

If you want loud, meat producing birds, get pekins. If you want slightly quieter, skiddish egg producing birds, get Khakis.

Make sure not to have too many drakes ect ect.

They would use a coop, but they'd also stuff them selves in and lay right next to eachother, so if it's only nighttime, I would think you could cut the square footage down by a litte. Maybe shoot for more though, since it's healthier overall.

DON'T put their water inside the coop!
I have 6 ducks - 5 flying mallards (although one can't fly so he might be a Rouen) and one appleyard/mallard mix. They were brooded in a baby pool in my garage last October. The winter in Iowa was brutal this year, so they spent a good deal of the winter in that pool. I also used a dog kennel/dog house when it was time to move out.
Ducks are creatures of habit. Mine will free range all day, fly, eat, peck, swim, mud puddle surf and then line up at the kennel (or garage door depending upon their mood) and wait to be put up for the night.
You can convince a duck to do ANYTHING with lettuce. That's a useful tool to remember for the future.
My thoughts are: it's a good idea to have a duck pen that can be moved without a terrible amount of effort. Ducks are messy, messy, messy, and will mud up whatever they are in outside. Sometimes it's just nice to have a clean grassy spot.
As far as space, my ducks are happy to sleep very close together as long as they get to free range during the day.
If you cannot free range, then I would guess 4 sq foot each would be a minimum.
Good luck
I live in Texas and have 21 ducks. They free range all day, and at night I pen them in a fenced yard alongside the house. They have access to three different houses...a dog house and two "duck" houses we built for them.

They never go in any of them, no matter the weather. Sleet, hail, high winds, heavy rains...they don't go to shelter anywhere except under a table when the chicken hawks come around.

Lettuce does not help lol.

They are quite independant creatures, even while young.
It snows here, so I insist they go in at night, plus to be safe from predators...we have 3 calls, small ducks right now, so adjust this by size of duck and amount, etc...their house is 4x2 and has a slanted hinged roof so I can clean, and get eggs. It is in the goat shed for the winter, then out in the summer...they always go in the shed at night, and return to the little house to lay. I clap my hands when I go out to feed and put everyone away and they waddle in the house that I shut for the night. If you give them food/water in the house they will go in it easily...just make a wire part to keep the bedding from getting wet. I think I'll draw a pic of this house since it works well and is has wheels on one end so you can move it away from their puddles

here u go...
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We have 3 ducks (black cayuga, blue swede and magpie) and their bedroom is a doghouse style that's about 3.5' x 3.5' x 4'. They only sleep in their. Their bedroom is contained inside a 10x10 enclosed coop that they share with 5 chickens. All the birds only stay in the coop in the evening and during really bad winter days, the rest of the time they free range. Their bedroom has plenty of room for them and probably a couple other ducks, but if I were going to keep them in the coop full time I would say they need a lot more room. Ducks like to wander, they cover a lot of ground in a day.

Ducks don't do ramps as well as chickens. Small ramps with a low rise they can handle. We have a ramp that's about 12" long and rises about 3 inches into their bedroom. However, we tried to make a ramp up to their kiddie pool, a rise of about 12 inches, and they couldn't manage it so we had to put a step in the middle. They do steps exceedingly well those, for an animal with stubby little legs! Ours are always up on the porch.

You'll love ducks. Just accept that they will be messy and every puddle of water is their heave on earth and enjoy their antics! I love my duckies!

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