How big of a brooder for my chicks?


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Apr 2, 2008
I was just looking at all the creative brooders and was wondering how much room do baby chicks need? We are thinking of getting 12 to start off with. I know in the coop it is generally 4 sq ft per chicken, but when they are in the brooder how much room do they need?

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That depends on how fast you get that coop built!

Just kidding- sorta. Actually it depends on how long you plan to keep them in the brooder and what size chickens you have. I know the people who use the 90 gallon rubbermaids have said after a couple of weeks they have a hard time keeping more than 5 or 6 chicks in there. They do grow at an alarming rate! I have a brooder with a 3x3 floor area. I have 5 standard cochin chicks in there now 2 weeks old. They still have plenty of room right now, but if I had 3 more chicks in there I could see it being crowded in another weeks time.

From the brooder pics I've seen my favorite fast one for a good size group of chicks has been the kiddie pools with the chicken wire around them. Those look super simple and provide a good amount of space. HTH


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Feb 12, 2008
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I found this info on a university site. Can't remember which one, but I had saved off this info.

Age of chicks Temp Sq Ft per chick
1 week 92 - 95°F 1/4
2-3 weeks 85 - 90°F 1/2
3-5 weeks 80 - 85°F 3/4
5-8 weeks 70 - 80°F 1
8 weeks and up room 1 1/2

They recommended this as a starting point, maybe more room for large breeds. I have about 1 ft. per chick at two weeks, and they have lots of space to run and jump.


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