how big of a coop do i need

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    Apr 1, 2015
    i have 16 chickens and will receive 30 in a few weeks. need to know how big my coop should be. they free range all day and go in at night.

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    Feb 2, 2009
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    Read my post in this thread and follow the link. Same question but a totally different-sized flock.

    If they are totally free range, you never lock them in the coop when they are awake, and weather doesn’t keep them constrained into the coop so they can’t get outside, you don’t need a lot more room than enough for them to roost without pooping in things you don’t want them pooping into like feed, water or nests, and give them a decent landing area so they can fly down from the roosts without banging into things like walls, nests, feeders or waters. If you like to sleep in Saturday morning so they are stuck in there after they are awake or if they get snowed in extra room is precious. If you integrate extra room is really beneficial. If you have more than one rooster a lot of extra room could really help you out. I like extra room so I can move around in there without rubbing against poopy walls, roosts or other things.

    I don’t know nearly enough about your unique situation to even come close to giving you a recommendation.

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