How big should my coop be?


10 Years
Jul 13, 2009
I'm going to get about 20 chickens, next year, and I'm planning on a coop. About how big do you recommend the space for them inside, they will be a mix of bantams and standards, and will also have a huge run (will be aloud to free range when I am home)? At the moment I was thinking around 8'x5', with a height of 6' or 7', but I want your opinions before I get started...
Not big enough............... minimum is at least 4-5 sq ft per bird and keeping standards and banty's seperate is a good idea. You may have to re-think your options.

Hmm.. okay I was thinking it was a little tight, but I was going to have two floors... and I have kept my bantams with my standards already, and they are fine together, I keep a pretty docile flock, so I didn't think it was much of a problem...
How big should the coop be?
I've heard 3-4 square feet per (standard) sized bird is roomy, and preferred. However, I've also read that 2 square feet is the *absolute* minimum and hens that are allowed to free range or have a very large run can do with that minimum.

However, keep in mind your location, what your winters are like in your area. If they're very cold winters, your hens may spend more time in their coop, so the bigger the better. Basically, anyone I've ever spoken with says that BIGGER is ALWAYS better!

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