How can I be so STUPID!


10 Years
Sep 9, 2009
Lake Butler (Union County)
I got all the information I needed on batoring eggs and stuff but I didn't do all my research on raising CHICKS! One thing I have TOTALLY overlooked is...

What temp do the brooder box need to stay at for the chicks?


Since a mouse (grrrr!!!
same mouse that chewed through my bator cord!) has chewed through the cord of my HEAT LAMP! I been using a regular lamp on them but that's not enough. Will putting a small tower heater next to the brooder work for warmth? I put one in the dining room now at 90* about 3 feet or so away from the brooder cage. Florida is now getting chilly at night.
How old are the chicks? When they're newborn they should have a place that's about 95* but should also be able to get away from the heat when they want to.
how about a glue trap for Mickey right outside the brooder?
How scary, stupid rodents eating your wires. Make sure all you smoke detectors are in good working order. I'm going to worry about you now.
OH my smoke detectors are HIGH TECH flashers that cost ALOT of $$$ and they are in REAL good working order and BRAND NEW!

We got glue traps in there now, LOL, hubby got home from school late and said he stopped by WALMART on his way home and pick up a few glue traps, He has winded all the cords connecting the brooder box with glue traps. Nice name, Mickey, I guess I'll keep that name, LOL! Well, he can't get to the wires now without being glued. IF we catch him with it, he's going to be fed to BONNIE AND CLYDE!
Inside a 60w bulb would work fine. Outside at 60F a 60w bulb is not going to make 95F. It won't raise the temp that high. I rarely use higher than 60w bulbs year round in the house and only occasionally the 100w. Outside at 60F you need a 250w heat lamp bulb or two 120w which alot of standard sockets will handle. I just lost a 2week old chick outside with temps slightly under 60F and a 250w heat lamp bulb on a screened porch with the windows sealed with plastic. I overestimated what they could handle. I suggest not repeating my experiment. Hardware stores often sell fixtures that can run 250w bulbs for cheap if you can't get to the feedstore. Even walmart sells a fixture in the shoplighting section. I used one for awhile but they aren't as durable as what you get at the feed and hardware store.

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