how can i clean my money?


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Apr 21, 2007
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i found an old collander full of change out in the playhouse and it looks about as old as i am. some of it is stuck together with random stickiness. what can i clean it with (like soak it in..) so that i can get the gunk off and be able to tell what coin i am looking at?
wont coca cola just make it ALL sticky? does it need to be fresh coco cola that fizzes or will remnants of an old 2 liter suffice?
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I personally use a new can with all the fizz......

It eats the paint of your car.....imagine what it can do you our insides.
I still love it though!
don't leave it in the coke for more than a few minutes actually. in a few hours it can eat the layers off and your nickles will be pennies.

in a few days, the money will be G O N E. it is that corrosive.

the best way to clean money is in a vinegar solution or do like we do in the jewelry biz....clean it in (here is our big trade secret for cleaning metal....ready???) windex without ammonia.

(my husband and i work for the largest manufacturer of fine jewelry in the US. there's a lotta gunk on stuff that lays around sometimes.)

you can also put it in small loads in a laundry bag and wash it in the washing machine. yep. it works. it will have to be light enough to circulate.

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