How can I figure out what what killed my chicks?


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Jun 14, 2020
Cambridge, NY
Most likely fox, coyote, or raccoon. Get a game camera and set it up. Chances are it comes around at night and has been looking for an opportunity. I have all of the above and and then some, so mine do not leave the run unless I am there with a gun on my hip.
Best recommendations for a game camera? Do they go on sale...Black Friday etc? Would you place the camera near the coop first to see if something is coming around at night?


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Nov 18, 2007
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So sorry for you loss. Also sad to say that when you free range that is the risk you take and eventually there will be a loss. If there are people that haven't lost any birds free ranging, they have been lucky. Predators will lurk and look for an opportunity. You may not see them. I have large pens for my birds. I have electric wires around my coops and pens. So far nothing has gotten past the hot wires. I also have several game cameras. I look on Amazon and now and then find a good one. Go on YouTube and there are plenty of videos of different cameras. Most game cameras take good daytime pictures but not all are good at taking nighttime pictures. Also Walmart sells game cameras. I was surprised at the predators that roam here especially at night. The predators know the electric wires are there. Good luck...
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Oct 4, 2017
Lincolnton, NC
I would definitely get a trap. Whatever it was now sees your coop as a KFC drive through and will be back.
And yes predators are more prevalent right before the winter bc they are trying to fatten up.


Jul 6, 2020
I took a photo and I kept her carcass, hoping someone might know by looking at her. I'll take another better photo tomorrow. Good news...3 other chicks came back at dark. View attachment 2388776
I think it might've been a hawk that killed your hen because hawks tend to eat very little of their prey but I could be wrong I wish you and your hens the best!!

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