How can I get my ducks to put on some weight?


Jun 5, 2016
Central Illinois
Two 13-wk-old female Pekins
Someone told me that their breastbone should feel a little squishy and not sharp/pointy? I don't think it feels squishy at all. I have them on 18% non-medicated grower crumble now. I have some gamebird/showbird that I have been throwing in a handful (ends up being a quarter of dish). I mix in a garlic brewer's yeast. They have access to a full dish of food all the time. Besides that, they have a whole yard to forage in, but for some reason (someone suggested they are maybe too tame) they will only go out in the yard and eat when I'm out. When I'm in the house they just lay down pathetically by the back door. They were hiding under my deck, but I blocked that off because I want them to be in the yard and eat!

How can I help them put on a little weight? Give them more gamebird/showbird? They love when I bring them kale, romaine, peas, frozen corn and such, but they won't eat hard-boiled eggs.I've been grabbing all the bugs I can and they gobble them up...I've even seen them eat the little frogs and toads in the yard. Maybe I'm worrying over nothing.

They are molting right now, so that probably is making them "look" even leaner to me, but the breastbone feels well-defined. I wish I had something to compare it to...these are my first and I've never had chickens.
Hi! I'd say if the ducks are healthy and active I wouldn't worry at all. It sounds like your ducks are fine. If you are worried just feed an extra half cup feed at meal times
I'd agree as I was worried the same with mine but the vet weighed her and said she's fine but to be on the safe side try crickets, mealworm or scrambled eggs. Mine also like mased potatoes or rice.

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