How can I get my guineas to roost IN the building? <EDIT>


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I recently bought 5 adult buff guineas. These silly birds will hang out in the barn for a good part of the day, but when all my chickens come in to roost, the guineas go outside and fly on top, or in the trees or anywhere else but in the barn. Any ideas to get them to stay in? It doesn't have a door, unfortunately, that would be too easy! Or will they be okay to stay in the trees?
<Edit> One of my guineas, I think it is a rooster, is roosting in the building with the chickens tonight!!!
Hopefully the others will follow his lead, so I don't lose any!!
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Guineas roosting outside are just asking to be eaten. Guineas need to be "trained" to come inside. The best way is to lock them in their home for at least 6 weeks. It takes guineas a long time to learn new things. Good luck.
I have never been able to get them back to roost after going to the trees. I sell them. In your case with Buffs I would build them a enclosed run. I sold some last fall for the same reason. Was losing 2 a week from predators. They said at the auction, "that guy selling them is an idiot he would get 3 times that much selling them in the spring". I would not have had any guineas the rate they were going! Catch them confine them, Sorry!
I raised my guinea's in a guinea house and they free range all day and alway's come back to their house at nite. Well trained guinea' A little tip...NEVER!!!!!!! try to catch guinea's where they roost, cause they will never go back in there again....Peace
I use lettuce,sprouts and cabbage to lure them in. Do you feed them where they would roost? Mine free range during the day but I have taught them "CANDY" in the evening and they come to the pen for their candy. I throw it all in there and they hear the other birds making happy sounds and want to investigate. Also that is where the water feeder is. Then once most of them are in.... I close it up. The others get ticked they can't get in so next time they get in there. I usually out of about 25 have 3 or so that are left out. Oh well. WHen the gate closes the gate closes. You end up with more out than in if you keep opening the gate to try to swish more in. I try to get the smallest ones in there first. Good luck. It took some time for a few adults I bought a tthe auction to catch on . I penned them for about 4 days then let them loose. The got the idea after they got the CANDY. Millet too.
I bought mine of a man in the next town, and he said they always roosted in his chicken's house. Their food and water are in the building where they are supposed to go, but there is no way to close them up. I am living on my dad's place, and they seem to want to go in his chicken's house (his are always confined, mine are never). He won't let them in, cuz he doesn't want his chickens getting out. Me and dad just got done making pens for baby chicks, and 2 mamas with babies, so maybe I can talk him into making another for the guineas to go in for a while. We are planning to make one for my other two broodies, so maybe we can wait to divide it. Thanks everyone for your help.
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