How can I get rid of ravens?


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Feb 28, 2010
I don't know if they are dangerous to grown chickens, but they certainly are pests! And my chickens are afraid of them.

A flock of ravens (I'm pretty sure they're ravens instead of crows) has been landing in my yard near the chicken run for the past couple days. They usually arrive in the late afternoon and stay a couple hours. This makes my chickens hide under the coop the whole time they are there.

The ravens walk up really close to the run and peck around, then walk some more, fly away, come back, etc. They don't seem to be trying to enter the run. They do eyeball the chickens and scream at them. I assume the chickens have kicked some of the corn I use for scratch outside the run and perhaps that interests the ravens too.

I've tried going outside and chasing them off, which only works for a short time. I've tried using reflectors (pie plates, CDs) to scare them off, which works but the chickens are scared of them too so that doesn't really help much.

Thoughts and ideas are appreciated!


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Jun 17, 2008
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These birds also despise HAWKS, and are a great alarm system for them.

I wonder if they aren't just a small migration moving through, considering the season and all. Maybe a bird expert can chime in on this. I do know these birds are extremely smart, so I'm not sure how you could keep them away.

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Jenski is absolutely right--they are considered the smartest birds in the world (see PBS program). They will not tolerate a hawk and so serve as a good safeguard against them. I have considered putting corn out to attract them so they will protect my chickens from hawks. Ravens and crows are either the same bird or same group. Not that I am an expert but they are fascinating animals. The live in extended family units who all work together to raise the young. Scientists have demonstrated that they can identify individual human beings and know if they mean them harm. Consider them an ally.


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Ravens or crows, my birds are much more relaxed when they are around. The chickens have learned the different vocalizations that the crows make and pay attention when the crows warn of a hawk or eagle.
I don't have any baby chicks to worry about, so I do everything I can to attract, not deter the ravens and crows. I even spread some scratch out in the field next to the coop to entice them.


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Mar 29, 2009
Ravens have killed way more chickens in my yard than Hawks. The Cooper's hawk is deadly to chickens but not a plentiful as the Ravens.
I have seen Ravens chase Eagles off my property. Where I live, if you have Ravens you don't have Crows. Ravens don't like Crows.
Steller Jays are good warner's of winged predators around. Ravens are good warner's of Cougars around.

Ravens are also good predictors of cold weather coming. They will come and beg for food before a cold snap. I feed them.
I have seen them go in the hen house and take eggs from the nest boxes.

But if they see me with my slingshot they know to stay away from the chickens.


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They are relentless! We were losing all our eggs to them, and we fixed that problem by adding a pop door to the hen house. Fortunately we have a roo that runs them away from the birds, but they do dive bomb them and pick at their feathers. I hate ravens!


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Jan 26, 2008
I have a large (40+ members) murder of crows in my woods. Personally I love crows as I had one for years as a child. I've seen several of these crows join forces and chase a hawk away. They won't tolerate hawks in what they consider their territory. I haven't had any problems with them and they're certainly welcome to stay.

ETA: What you have is probably crows if it's a flock. Ravens don't flock, they're usually solitary and sometimes in pairs. Crows live in large family groups.
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