How can I help my picked-on hen?


9 Years
May 6, 2010
Southern Maine

My Barred Rock hen looks like a worn-out feather duster. But the other hens have not been content to ruin her feathers, they have plucked a big bald spot on her belly underneath her vent. Then one evening when I went to close up the coop for the night, I saw drops of blood... she had an area about 2 inches in diameter where they had pecked the skin off. I doused the whole area in Blue-kote. Fast forward a few weeks- no infection so far as I can tell, she acts fine, but they are still picking at her, even though I keep putting Blue-kote there. Does anybody have any ideas of what else I could do so the poor girl can heal? Has anybody made something like a hen saddle that could cover that area?


Crazy for Silkies
7 Years
Jan 17, 2013
I use Rooster Booster Peck No More. it not only coats the wound but stops the pecking. it worked great for me. its a purple lotion with natural tea tree oil in it. they will Peck ONCE and hate the smell so much they stop pecking. the stuff really works! you can get it online or at the feed store. I liked how it worked so much I got a couple bottles to have on hand. hope this helps. best wishes.

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