How can I make this feeder/waterer work?


10 Years
May 6, 2009
OK, my dad got me these rectangle thick plastic containers that held tools at his work. they are extremely sturdy and the plastic is thicker than a 5 gal bucket... I was looking at my coop (free coop in the process of fixing up) and thought that since I was being lazy and didn't feel like sawing out the 2 nest boxes that I didn't want, I could utilize that space to hold the rectangular bucket thingies. I would turn them into feeders and waterers or just 2 feeders or something.

Here are the 2 spaces which I would put these containers in...

now, they would hang off the end of the boxes about 1 1.2 inches.

1st question... what can I use as a tray for these to make it work as a feeder?

2nd question... do you think it is alright if I use their nightly perch and double it as a feeding perch? can I still put a poop board under that?

any suggestions? Thank you!

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