How can I protect my flock from foxes?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by crc310, Feb 21, 2017.

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    Feb 25, 2013
    I'm looking for something to protect our flock! My neighbors flock was attacked by a fox a few weeks ago during the afternoon (I have security cameras). 3 of her hen's were killed (1 missing). My roo was there but luckily our hen's were here at home. Both flocks are free range on our properties. We each have 2 acres. There's a treeline next to my home, farm crops behind us and a farm across the street. We have lots of wildlife. I have a 10x10 shed for a coop and 10x10 pen for when they don't want to brave snow or rain. I only have a guinea (thinks she's a chicken), 6 hen's and a rooster. Both my neighbor and I have been afraid to let them out while we r not home since the attack. We help each other out. As long as one of us is home, we let each other's flocks out of their coops and back in before the coons come out at dusk. We also have had problems with coons (resolved for now) and her other neighbors dogs if they get loose. We have wetlands and temporary ponds when it rains or the snow melts, only dry during the mid-summer which I can give them a rigid sided wading pool. Would ducks, geese or turkeys protect them? Trapping and killing the predators are not an option so please do not mention it. We do not have a fence and my husband doesn't want one. No dogs either. Thank you!
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    Given those restrictions there is no way to protect your flock -
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    No, geese or turkeys would not protect your chickens. They, too, are prey animals. They, too, are predated by foxes.

    If you are saying that you can't use electricity, dogs, or a fence, your only option is to keep them locked up in the coop and run, always provided that the goal is not to lose more chickens. Maybe that's not your goal, up for you to decide.

    When you free range, you do run at least some risk of losing chickens to predators. If you have a fox, stray dogs and coons, and you free range - you run the risk of losing more than at least some... I'd say that since the fox now knows where to get free and easy food, you will lose them all if they are not kept locked up at least until the fox gets tired of checking. Also, please be aware that foxes and dogs are intelligent and cunning animals, and people have had chickens snatched and killed right before their horrified eyes. You being around is no guarantee that you won't lose more chickens.
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    Feb 25, 2013
    Well it was worth a try! Thanks!
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    Feb 21, 2017
    You could always make them stay in a protected pen but if you can't hunt or trap the foxes or coons you will just keep putting off the problem.

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