How can I reintroduce my hen to her flock?

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    Jun 2, 2013
    I have had to bring one of my hens inside after showing signs of illness (lethargic,pale Combe & wattles, lowered head & wings). After a few days of treatment & TLC she had shown improvement but still not 100%. My concern is her being away from the flock. I have 8 other hens & 1 cockerel.

    I let my hen back outside this morning (I let her walk outside herself in case she wasn't ready) before releasing the others from their coop to free range. When the others we released 2 of the others made a beeline for my poorly girl and gave her her good peck. She tried to stand up for herself but she slumped in a corner & didn't want to move. As I was not going to be around to supervise I brought her back in as don't think she would have stood a chance on her own.

    As I am back to work tomorrow following the Xmas break I can't be at home to keep her company & am afraid she will get depressed being home alone. She has access to food & water & I put a mirror in with her & a pecking treat to keep her busy somewhat.

    She is still not 100% health wise & still not sure she will survive but in a dilemma as to whether to keep her in or put her back with the others where she can re-establish herself & be free to roam in their enclosure.

    I was thinking of putting her to bed with the others tomorrow night after returning home from work? Is this the best way to reintroduce her to the flock & also outside temperatures? I'm between a rock & a hard place on what to do for the best for her?[​IMG]
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    I have heard about putting them back in at night, and then finding them pecked to death the next day. I would put her in a dog crate inside the coop or fence off a little section, where they all can see each other for almost a week. Then on a day off, let her out and watch for awhile to make sure she isn't hurt--they will peck her even then, but it may work out. This is my set-up, minus the netting over the top, for introducing new chickens or chicks.
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    Thank you. I have a run in the enclosure which I can put her in.

    I have had to isolate one of my hens this way before but it caused her a lot of distress but she was not as poorly as this one.

    I will give it a go and keep fingers crossed.

    So hard to know what to do for the best isn't it [​IMG]

    Scary how brutal our cutie hens can be!

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