How can I ruin a fox's den?


8 Years
Apr 10, 2011
Upstate New York
We have a fox den in the woods on our property. They're not using it now, but they must use in winter. We'd like to make it uninhabitable for them this year; the last thing we need is a momma fox with kits to feed next spring.

Will filling it with rocks/dog poop work as it does for groundhogs? Any other tricks I could try?

I have heard that they HATE the smell of ammonia, so I'd try rolling rags into a tight ball and tying with twine. These should be the size of a tennis ball. Soak them in ammonia and throw the ammonia balls in the entrance hole of the den. You might have to keep it up regularly in case the ammonia wears off over time and they move back in.
The Fireworks smoke bombs (looks like the size of a cherry bomb) work quite well for smoking them out and leaving a scent that discourages re-inhabitation.

I've had foxes take up old groundhogs dens more then once.
A big bag full of dog groomers?

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