how can I speed up the molting process?

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    Dec 3, 2012
    I need help. My chickens have been molting for very long time. How long should I expect for them to finish molting? Are there any way to speed up this process and how long should I wait? By the way there Rhode Island red chickens and One buff Orpington all hens. I haven't given the nesting boxes but I have bins for each of them that are filled with straw that they roost on every night will They lay on these or should I make the investment for a nesting box? Thanks BYC!
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    The duration of the molt is different for different chickens. Some go through it quick and others take up to 3 months. Unfortunately you cannot rush the process. What you can do to help them recover quicker is feed some extra protein, which they'll need lots of to regrow their feathers. Mashed boiled or scrambled egg, tuna, meat scraps, a little bit of cat food and some extra mealworms at treats time is good sources of protein.

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