How can I stop my rooster from plucking?


9 Years
Jul 21, 2010
My hens are getting plucked by my rooster! Not just by their necks, but by the tail, and the sides. They're feathers look like a ruffled birds nest than just plain strait.
Whith out seperating my rooster from my hens, what else could I do to stop the plucking?
I had plucking issues, and I was told put salt water into the coop in the morning, before they woke up, and replace it with regular water at noon. Also, I clipped beaks, that stopped the plucking. I put saddles on hens that had bare backs too. And I sprayed some "bitter yuck" on the birds being plucked. It's this grose tasting stuff. Other than that, I hung up fruit and veggies in the coop, to give them something to do. I think most of it is from boredom. Unfortunately, other birds learn from the pluckers to pluck, and it can lead to cannibalism. That's what happened to me, so I suggest nipping it in the bum as soon as possible. Good luck.
Rooster cause the injuries you describe during mating. He uses his beak and claws to balance on the hen to get the job done.

You can put 'clothes' on your hens to protect the back. Some people call them Hensavers or saddles or aprons. These give the hen added protection:

Notice this rooster is wearing another type-one that protects the wings. And some people claim wearing bright colors will decrease hawk attacks.

While these were purchased from Louise's Country Closet, some people make their own.

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