How can I strengthen my immune system

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    I want my chickens to be strong. What can you suggest? Your immune systems are strong. Natural method or drug proposal
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    I take the approach of allowing my chickens to live in their environment from hatch with no chemicals, drugs, or other supplements other than the dirt they will live on. I do not add anything to alter their water, feed no special foods, just let them be natural as I can. If I see a specific problem I address it, but in the absence of a problem I do not treat at all.

    If your chicks are raised by a broody hen, allow her to raise them on the ground. The broody hen will take care of everything.

    If you raise your chicks yourself in a brooder feed them some dirt from where the adult chickens live. This will get grit in their system, will get probiotics the adults have into the chicks’ systems, and it will allow the chicks to start work on the flock immunities they need. They will eat bits of the adult chicken poop which will immediately start strengthening their immune systems. This way their immune systems are better prepared for when they hit the ground, which they will eventually.

    Keep the brooder dry so it is not a breeding ground for disease. Keep their water clean, that is important to health. But do not try to raise them in a sterile environment, start building up their immune system right after hatch.
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    Hi Mehmetkaya, I follow natural based health systems for myself and also for my flock. I think in nature animals are healthy when all is in balance. When chickens are in a restricted area, that can alter the balance. I try to correct for this by exposing them to healthy microorganisms through fermenting feed and composting piles in the yard and the deep litter method in the coop. Try to give them as much space as possible, at least during the day, this reduces stress on them and makes for much happier birds. Look at the threads here about fermenting feed, deep litter, and also about natural supplements now being used. I have learned so much!!
    Oregano is a big one, garlic, cayenne pepper, in your area maybe one to try is Nigella sativa seeds - black seed, is known for being very beneficial for humans, but I do not have any experience with this for chickens.
    I mix my own feed with a pea/ wheat base and add kelp, fish, crab meal, and azomite, dried and crushed nettles and alfalfa, lots of garden greens and lots of ranging area in the summer. You might have whole mineral supplements in your area that can supplement in the same way as azomite and kelp...both supply trace minerals.
    There are lots of threads here that have lots of information about natural methods. I like to google around for studies that back up the ideas presented, both for me and for the flock. The area of nutrition and health through whole food sources is a big one and very popular, so a lot of studies being done. :)

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