how can i tell age?


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Aug 29, 2010
I have purchased 9 barred rock chickens from a individual 8 hens and a rooster they are all roughly the same size but the person i purchased them from did not tell me there age and they have moved out of state so i was wondering if there is any way to tell the age???
If you post some pictures, you could probably get a fairly accurate idea from people here.

What color are their combs/wattles, are they fully feathered? Is the male starting to grow his spurs? Things like that will make it a little easier to tell.
they are older the roster has large spurs the combs are full and the hens laying i was just kinda wondering how much longer to expect them to lay before they start to slow down
If young enough voice can provide insight. Barred and solid colored breeds are worst. Some breeds feather can be informative as with some wild waterfowl where some hint of juvenile coloration or feather morphology is retained in first set of adult feathers.

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