How can I tell if my hen is fat?


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Dec 26, 2012
How can I tell if my Chickens are fat?? I have a Black sex link hen and she seems to have a big crop all day and everyday?? Any advice?
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How can I tell if my Chickens are fat?? ...
Is her dress too tight? Just kidding. Chickens don't carry a lot of extra fat on the chest or breast area so what you are likely seeing is food and water waiting on the right side of her breast to go through the gizzard. If you know how much a particular pure bred chicken should weigh you could use a set of scales and compare your findings to the standard, but the more accurate way is to feel of your chicken.

Like humans chickens carry the majority of their fat on their butts and guts. So feeling around the vent area will give you some idea of any extra weight your hen or rooster is packing. Fat is not always a bad thing if you are a chicken but excess fat will hurt roosters' and hens' fertility. To use the feel good or feel well method you will need to practice and get input from experienced chicken people.

It also doesn't hurt to butcher a few birds to gain some feed back on your opinions or observations.
Hope this helps.
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Hahaha Okaay thanks so much so really she's not fat I've just been seeing her crop on her breasts that looks like a big belly

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