How can I tell which ones are......


13 Years
Apr 6, 2010
Okay, a few of my black copper marans got out (thanks little nephews), and are running around in my "egg layer flock", which also contains black sex-link hens. To me they look exactly the same (I'm more of a duck person, so don't yell at me for not being able to tell, okay?)

Anyone know of a sure-fire way to tell them apart

AND DON'T SAY "WAIT AROUND FOR THEM TO LAY AN EGG"!!! I can just see some of you thinking that.
Well Senna, since they were penned seperately, if they each still have access to their own roost, they should roost in the same spot they have been roosting. Just close the door/gate and they will be in their proper place. Now, chickens ain`t the brightest bulbs in the string, so one or two might make a mistake, but they should be easy to determine. They might all get it right. Hope so......Pop
Yes, that would be a great idea IF it hadn't happened when I was away on vacation. My brother brought his kids to "help", and by the time I got back it'd been a week or more.

Are there any physical differences I should look for?

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