How can I warm up a chilled chicken?

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    Hi all,
    I was outside filling the cow's stock tank, and Houdini got all wet because of our leaky hose. He didn't move in time. I brought him inside and got him all dried off, but he's still all shivery. [​IMG] I'm cuddling him as I type this, is there any more I can do? I'm really afraid of him catching cold.
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    Give him a handful (or as much as he will eat) of cracked corn... fuel for the furnace. [​IMG]
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    I had a call duckling that wandered off from momma and nest. I brought him in and placed him on a heating pad rolled up in a soft towel. Checked often to be sure he wasn't cooking!
    I have placed cold chicks under my shirt up against my skin to warm them quickly.

    I take it this is a full grown chicken? Use hair dryer to dry him and warm him up at the same time. Then heat a towel or sweatshirt in the dryer and roll him up in it... good luck..
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    Adult chicken? Towel dry and hair dryer on low. If this is too stressful for him, then towel dry and put in a box with a 100watt desk lamp over him. Or if you have a brooder lamp- you could use that. MAke sure he does not get too hot. Panting usually means too hot (or hiding away from the heat lamp).
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    Quote:[​IMG] ... first time I read this... I thought you were saying to roll the chicken up and throw him in the dryer... I think I have tired eyes...


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