how can i water day old chicks without nipple waterer

adam yakin

May 16, 2015
my chicks hatched today (they are with the hens).
how can i make a homemade waterer for them?
(the nipples are not available in my country easily).
thank you :)
In a pinch, a pan of water with pebbles in it so they can't drown.

They should be able to drink out of a regular poultry fount on the ground for a few days and then set on a board or brick so they don't keep kicking bedding into it.

Where are you located?
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thank you!
the whole day the newly hatched chick didn't drink... and the hen didn't get up from the 4 remaining eggs. (i had put next to the brooding box a plate with water and on it another upside down smaller plate so just the water in the edges is available . but neither of them ate or drank the whole day... and it is quite hot... should i worry about this and do something if they continue not drinking tomorrow? it is nighttime here already - i live in jerusalem israel.
They can normally go a couple days after hatch without eating or drinking. If you don't see them drink by then, dip each of their beaks in the water till they drink.

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