How can this be FROSTBITE?!!?!


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Aug 1, 2017
Mattituck, NY
gloria2.jpg gloria1.jpeg My girls made it through the winter - a very nasty bitter cold winter - with no ill effects. or so I thought...
I checked my flock this morning and one of my girl's combs was spotted black. It looks like tar. It feels dry to the touch. It hasn't been below freezing since Tuesday (today is Sunday and I check them every day!). How can it be frostbite? Is there anything else it could be?
edit - I've been doing a little research - and fowl pox seems to be a possibility.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice!!
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If it's frostbite, it can take time for the tissue to die and turn black, so even though it's warm now, a few days ago it wasn't. Also frostbite can compound over time. If you get mild frost bite there may be tissue damage that is permanent, but not visible. This compromises circulation. Next time it's cold the already damaged tissue and poor circulation makes the area susceptible to further frostbite damage. Eventually it can get bad enough that the tissue dies/falls off/etc.

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