how can you tell a barred rock from a sexlink??


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Dec 14, 2007
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Hello!! I have 49 eggs in the bator for my cousin that were put in the bator on 12/28. I candled and all are growing well with 2 questionable porous eggs. there are 3 1st generation olive eggers in there as well. My question is there was 1 barred rock roo and 2 RIR roos in with these hens. So I know the hatching will be half and half. I have tried to look at 1 day olds of both breeds and from what I am gathering... the sex-link pullets will be all black with no white on their heads...legs mostly black in color.
the roos will have a spot on their heads with same coloring in the legs. now the barred rocks look almost like the sexlink roos(at least in the pics!) will the barred rock be more of a gray/ black than a true black in color with the white on the head and chest & belly with more of a yellow coloring in the legs? My cousin said that I can keep a few pullets for hatching them out. he really doesn't like sexlinks and I thought I would take them....Does anyone here have experience sorting these out at hatch? really would hate to wait until they start to feather out... Thanks in advance!!!
A barred rock roo over red hens will not produce sex links. A RIR over a barred rock hen will produce sex links. The girls will be all black the boys will have a head spot. In my experience a Barred Rock roo over any color hen the chicks will be barred. After about 3 weeks you will see that the girls stay darker and the boys get lighter. I have a Barred Rock roo and several different breeds/colors of hens. When I have hatched out the mixes they are all barred.
A Barred Rock roo over a Red hen, as stated, will not produce a sex link. The chicks of this cross may exhibit some red/gold bleed through on the wings of cockerels, as they mature. We've found the mother passes this "gold" tint to her cockerel sons in many cases. Just our experience. Genetics is NOT my forte'
I'm sorry I failed to say that all the hens are pure barred rock with 1 pure barred rock roo(not related) and also 2 RIR roosters....sorry... This is the recipe that most hatcheries use to "develop" the sex-link-black right?

please correct me if I am wrong.. it's the only way I will learn.

with this correction... any tips or secrets? thanks !!

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