How can you tell if you have OCD Chicken Syndrome?

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Im a very new egg here on BYC...and just as new to having my own chickens ...I started this spring with hatching eggs that ended with...I want my friend got/gave me a dozen to hatch 7 were good and hatched...that ended with ...I want I bought 10 from TSC...that ended with...I want I bought 4 more npip chicks...yup still not enough ...I want I just ordered 15 chicks that i will get in 3 weeks...Y'all do see the OCD pattern evolving here where is the (I have OCD Chicken Syndrome) support page...will you kindly point me to it...Im up to soon having 48 chickens...I promise not to drool over any more wonderful chickens ...well at least not tonight ...I'll be asleep...Night all...How many is to many??????



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"Too many?". What is this thing of which you speak?

Actually,too many is when you cannot care for them adequately, either due to feed costs or not enough space, or injuries and illnesses ignored. Or all of those negative aspects.

If those aren't in play, then you're okay. :)


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I did nearly the same thing... I bought and bought and bought till I had nearly 40 birds! My DH said that is it no more chickens!!!!!!!! After a while of cleaning the brooders and moving them into larger brooders and more brooders and then into an out pen I finaly agree! No more chickens for awhile anyways!

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