How can you tell which hens are laying

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    We didn't get our coop and run completed until early fall last year so looked for full grown chickens. We bought 7 RIR at auction (I know, I'll never do that again), 1 French Maran, and 3 Dark Brahmas (+ a Roo) from other local backyard chicken keepers. I know the Braham's are laying as I get fairly consistent extra large/jumbo size eggs from them 2-3 a day. and at least one of the RIR is laying as I get some lighter color med/large eggs. Usually only one per day at most though. I suspect the RIR's are passed their prime and that's why they were auctioned off, but several are smaller and I assumed were pullets that should have started laying by now. Pretty sure the Maran is past as I've gotten no dark eggs at all (though a couple spotted).

    So I guess my question is how to tell which of the reds is laying. We have 12 new layers started and though I know it will be quite awhile before we see any eggs from them at some point I'm going to want to cull out the freeloaders (except maybe the Maran, she's very pretty).

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    Most RIR lay a darker brown eggs and I thought Brahma lay a light brown medium sized egg, you may have them reversed. The Maran probably won't lay a lot of eggs in a season. Comb color can help tell who's laying as well as checking the vent to see if it's moist and the pelvic points spread out on a laying hen.
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    That's something I would like to know as well, sort of. I'm getting some EE,s and when they start laying it would be nice to know which egg is coming from what hen.

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