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    What is the diffrence from a EE and a amerucuna? And how do you tell the diffrence?
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    Oct 30, 2008
    my understanding is the ameraucana breed is rare and will lay a true blue egg. Many of the true/pure ameraucanas have been cross bred with other breeds passing their blue egg gene on (producing eggs more of a green color.) Any chicken possessing that blue egg gene (but not necessarily being a purebred ameraucana) is considered an easter egger. HTH
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    Look at, and you can see true ameraucanas. They are only accepted in a few colors. If they are one of the colors on that website, with a pea comb, slate-colored legs, muffs and a beard, they are an ameraucana. Ameraucanas only lay blue or blue/green eggs.

    If they are any other color, usually with greenish legs, with or without a muff and beard, they are an easter egger. Easter eggers usually have pea combs, but occasionally have a straight comb. They usually have green legs, but leg color varies widely. They usually lay green eggs, but can lay brown or even pinkish eggs.

    , ameraucanas are accepted as their own breed by the APA.

    Easter eggers are beautiful mutts, not accepted as a breed by most people. I've got two of them who lay green eggs, and I love them!
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    as far as my understanding... to sum up shortly..

    true araucanas.. have tufted faces... and/or are rumpless.. and ONLY lay blue eggs... they come in several color
    sorry stole this picture off another thread...


    AMERAcaunas... have muffs and beards and tails.. can be several different colors.pea combs... and lay blue or greens and sometimes pink eggs

    EEs.. are MUTTs can look like just about anything.. no muff, no beards. pea or single combs etc... but have the colored egg gene...
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    EEs are what you get from hatcheries, sold as Auracaunas or Ameracaunas. However, they are not. Auracaunas are bred. And Auracaunas are rumpless and tufted.
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    Quote:araucana- true, tufted and rumpless(required to be shown), but they sometimes have tails because many breeders use them because there is lower fertility associated with the rumpless gene and the tufted x tufted has high chick mortality in shell. Araucana lay a blue egg.

    ameraucana- do have muffs, beards and tails. They *should* lay a blue egg, but in some of the newer colors they seem to have a green tint sometimes. They NEVER lay a pink egg, EE's lay pink eggs.

    EE's are sold by hatcheries as ameraucana, araucana, americana, etc but are mixed breeds that usually carry the blue gene but don't always.

    if you go to the araucana and the ameraucana websites they will tell you the accepted colors. EE's come in a variety of colors and there is no set standard.
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    Nov 12, 2008
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    thank you.. i was close... but i am still learning about the differences.. as a kid i knew of the true auracana... anything else was an "americ-auna"...
    now they added this EE stuff????? [​IMG] whats NEXT

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