How cold before I use heat lamp for 7 week olds?


11 Years
Aug 16, 2010
Jonesborough, TN
Hello everyone,
I just put my 7 week old Plymouth Barred Rocks out in their new coop for the first time ever, and it is supposed to get down to 54 degrees tonight. Should they be OK, or should I turn a heat lamp on for them? I know this breed is pretty hardy, just not sure about being young. Any ideas or suggestions would be truly helpful.

Oh, btw....if you want to see what it looks like, here's the link:
I wouldn't worry about them. By the time it starts getting down to freezing they'll be plenty big to handle it. 54 is just fine for a 7 week old. Especially if there are several of them to snuggle up together.
My chicks are 7 weeks old tomorrow and have been outside since they were 3 weeks old. Our nights are still in the 60's but they just huddle up and don't seem to mind the cool nights. My laying chicks are in the coop at night but the meaties stay outside day and night, rain or shine. They just huddle up and don't seem any worse for wear for it. If you haven't exposed your chicks to temps any lower than 70 degrees they will have to adjust a little but they will just huddle closer to stay warm. I would say that as long as the coop isn't drafty they will be just fine.

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