how cold did it where you are


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Aug 30, 2007
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My Coop
Last night it was somewhere below 0*. We don't have an outdoor thermometer though, so I'm not sure exactly what the temp was. But it was bitter cold, and the wind chill made it definitely in the negatives. Still cold today, so I got the heat bulb put up in the coop. We locked the cow in the barn last night, and let the cats stay in the house.

And welcome to BYC, Joe and Diane!

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Oct 30, 2011
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Today is warmer than yesterday. Tuesday night the temps went down to 9.4 degrees (F) and when I let the chickens out, a few wandered back in and out a few times before deciding to stay out.

The wind was terrible as well, but the chickens moved down to the gully and woods. During the night the temperatures rose into the low 20's. With lots of sun and less wind, the chickens are back to traipsing all over the yard.
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