how cold is to cold for new eggs

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    i just got a new incubator and want to try my hand at hatching i tried a homemade one a while back but the temp and humidity just wouldn't regulate correctly. so i got a still air little giant and egg turner from tractor sup. got it all set up and working great but my main question is when my hens lay and i finally get to them a few hours later they are cold can i still hatch these eggs or should they just go into the fridge ? i live in south carolina seneca area and its been around low 40s to high 60s here also does anyone have any info on a little giant incubator that would help me out im going to buy a small computer fan to put into it but other than that any info would be great
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    you should have no problem hatching the eggs at those temps. Actually, it's ideal to keep them around 55 degrees and turn a couple times a day while you are collecting for a hatch so start collecting and hatch away! [​IMG]

    As far as putting in the fan, I do have a still air that I did buy a fan for but never did install it. I know i lot of others on here have though (hopefully someone else will weigh in on that for you) everyone seems happy with it. Better regulates temperature overall. I haven't used the styro bators in a while but did have decent hatches when I used them. good luck and happy hatching! [​IMG]

    Oh and let me say, living up here in cold, COLD snowy NE Ohio...I'd sure take some of that 40-60 degree weather right about's currently 13. woohoo, at least we hit double digits today! [​IMG]

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