How cold is too cold for a Sultan?


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8 Years
May 4, 2011
Does anyone know what temperatures a sultan can stand? I had ordered hardy breeds for my backyard flock, but was surprised to find out that one of my chickens was a sultan. I have read that they are not cold hardy, but what does that mean exactly? Am I going to, unwittingly, kill my chicken once I move him/her outside? He is a regular sized chicken, not the bantam version.
They're not as weak as these blurbs people often put together make out. I've had two and both have done pretty well in cold can get to be in the 10s in NY. Both had thrived better than alot of my other birds. They're smaller and/or less compact than alot of the 'hardy' breeds which makes people say that cold weather can be a problem for them. But after owning several crested birds for years, I can gladly say that low temperatures has hardly been my greatest issue with them.
Thanks a bunch. That's a load off.

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