How Cold is TOO Cold???


9 Years
Oct 4, 2012
North of Houston Texas
I have 4 about 9 month old geese. A pair of CPG, 1 Sebastopol, & 1 American Buff.

They’ve been free since August. Usually sleep under the porch at night. Co-guard the yard with the 2 dogs.

Anyway how cold is too cold?? I live on the Texas coast and tmrw night is our first expected freeze. Actually, prediction is 28°. Are the geese gonna be ok??
The feral domestics at the local park do fine.
I'd suggest setting them up something like a doghouse with some straw in the bottom for them to hunker down into, placed so the wind can't blow inside, to see if they want it. Shouldn't bother them any to be outside.
So long as they have shelter from the elements and bedding (shavings, straw, hay, dog beds), they will be fine. A little extra whole corn at night for generating heat is also appreciated.
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