How cold is too cold?

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    My Polish Chicks are 6 weeks now and getting a bit big and stinky for the laundry room [​IMG]
    Now the nights are getting colder and it is frosty I rigged up a divider in the henhouse so they can be seperate from, but still see, the silkies. I put in a heat lamp to take the chill out and was going to check it through the night to see how cold it got, but last night was weird warm outside?
    How cold is too cold anyway? They are down to about 65 degrees now at the coldest inside.
    Imput very much appreciated! [​IMG]
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    When my chickies were small, I would take them outside and let them stay out longer and longer, to condition them to the cold. First during the day, and then let them stay until dark, then a little later into the dark, etc. Then I left them out all night. It was 40's at night, and a couple times it dipped into the high 30's, they survived!
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    mine are 7 weeks and we've had some wacky weather it is getting really cold here early, anyways mine have been outside for about two weeks now and so far they have endured temps down to 20/15 F at night with snow this past couple of days.but that is of course with a heat lamp in there coop.but i have turned the lamp off during the day even when it was only reaching about 40 degrees out.mine have done ok so far....but i think these temps are low for chicks these age,unfortunatly the weather disagrees....mine were full feathered when they went out also....
  4. I keep mine outside from about 2 days old.

    Just make sure they are in some kind of inclosed hutch etc. and have a warm place to be with a light. [​IMG]

    Best of Luck

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