How deep does your pool need to be?


12 Years
Dec 28, 2007
How deep of a kiddie pool would work for the ducks to swim? How big of a pool would I need for 4 ducks? What do you do for your ducks in the winter?
The small plastic blue kiddie pools will work perfect for them. I think the best way of looking at there water play area is the bigger the better. Keep in mind how you are going to clean out the pool. The larger the pool the harder it is going to be to dump out unless you put a drain in the bottom. It doesn't get cold enough here to worry about the pond freezing over so we don't do anything different in the winter. Some poeple on here just fill up the ducks pool every morning so they can swim real quick.
I have a large full size 1/2 pond complete with fish and all..and in the winter when it freezes there is nothing I can do..they geese just stay off it until if gets a thaw spell and then they are fine,,,
When I was at the store today I almost got a kiddie pool but it was only 8-9 inchs deep. I thought it would end up being too shallow. Would it be deep enough? I don't want too big of a pool because I want to conserve water.

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