How deep should I bury the wire around my run ?


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Jun 10, 2009
We are setting the footings today for the run. I can't remember what the recommendations were...
Any tips on this /
Thank You!
Simplest is to extend it outward along the ground about 2'. Does not have to be buried, but does have to be secured to the ground.
I bought a tool from lowes(Kinda looked like a pix axe) that was just the right width(bout 2") and had about a 9 in long depth. This worked perfect and I burried mine about 6in.

We buried ours 12" all the way around. Have not had any problems with predators.
We also reinforced bottom edge with 2x4s to discourage digging.
mine varies 6-9" depending on the spot
with large rocks piled around the outside as an extra deterrent. I used a regular garden trowel & it worked great, I was worried about rocky soil but it got the job done well.
mine isn't underground. It's out 2ft from the fence, actually attached to the fence with hog rings, held down with garden fabric staples, then covered with about 6 inches of mulch. Theres nothing getting under this fence unless it's got a degree in excavating!!
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