How did I get this color? Please look!

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  1. awheel11

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    Jun 23, 2010
    In June I hatched out some chicks from my flock. The rooster was a barred rock, the hens were either BR's, Australorps, or Red Sex Links. Out of the darkest brown egg came a pure white chick! I posted pics of her earlier in another forum. I was out in the coop when I noticed something out of the ordinary, she has a single barred feather. I am just curious as to how this color came about? I was wondering if she could be out of a Red Sex Link and those genetics would cause it? Any ideas are appreciated!

    View from above


    A close up

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    Very interesting!
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    I have a polish hen whose papa was a WCBlue and whose mama was a Bearded Buff Laced. She is all white with just a couple stray black feathers like yours.

    I also put my Blue Wheaten Ameraucana roo over my Cinnamon Queen. The first one that hatched was a roo.. .it started out white. It is HUGE now, with red feathers except for it's tail feathers and they are blue.... it has muffs and a beard like daddy. The 2nd once that hatched I 'think' is a pullet.. It is all white with just a few slightly buff feathers here and there, no muffs or beard.

    Weird I know..
  4. Quote:You took the words out of my mouth...give them back!!!!!! xD
    Thats really weird IDK how that happened [​IMG]
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    Jan 27, 2010
    Cute chick, red sex links are the product of a RIR roo and a Delaware hen so maybe the baby got its white from it grandma?
  6. My guess is the red sex link hen is the mama. They carry the dominant white gene. They get from their white leghorn ancestry. Hope this helps.
  7. Kev

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    Yep red sex link mom. You know how their tails and hackles have white? That's the dominant white 'turning black to white'. BR are black chickens with barring.. black is also dominant.. so what happened: BR roo x red sex link= black chicks but half of their babies will be white/mostly white due to getting dominant white from the sex link mom.

    It is normal for crosses with dominant white to show occasional colored feather, like on this chick.
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    Quote:I thought a Red Sexlink was the result of a RIR hen and a White Rock Roo

    OOps I was confused. Blame it on Chemo Brain!! [​IMG]

    I do know that if you breed a sex-link with anything you are gonna come out with a mix of a mix of a mix. They don't breed true.
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  9. wclawrence

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    In any sexlink cross, you use a red rooster.
    It even works on duckwing.
    Red rooster x silver hen = red pullets and mixed color roosters.

    You could use delaware hens and welsummer roosters if you wanted to.

    wow that is way off topic.
    yes I agree with sexlink mom, looks dominant white to me.
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  10. Sonoran Silkies

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    Quote:I thought a Red Sexlink was the result of a RIR hen and a White Rock Roo

    FOr a red sex-link to work properly, the hen must be silver, not gold. An RIR is gold.

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