how did I live without chickens?

salty midnite

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Oct 25, 2020
Hello and welcome to BYC! :frow Glad you joined.
What breeds do you have?
Thanks! I'm so glad to find you all and your knowledge & experience.
We have a bunch of mixed breeds from a barnyard mix. Salty, our alpha rooster is a light-colored Brahma and the sweetest, best leader of the flock you could imagine. His girls are 2 Polish and 1 small red hen, not quite a bantam but almost? The 2nd flock is very proudly led by Cute Beaut, who was originally Little Beauty when he was a pullet, and who got removed from the other flock due to his stealth-attack approach to courting the ladies, and he was very sad & lonely until I found him his Missus, a black sex-link who loves him already, and Star, a grayish Brahma who thinks he still needs to refine his behavior.. He's gradually learning his courtship manners. We won't be letting any of them hatch eggs because I'm a softie who can't bear to let any of them go to slaughter. So we have our mix as it is, and I love each one.

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