How did I make my babies happy.

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    Apr 12, 2016
    I couldn't stand it anymore they were on the porch forever the first 16 are inseparable. The other 8 are only 2 weeks old so they are still in the baby pool.

    Here you go..

    After I noticed they were not enjoying the porch I couldn't stand it anymore after working 60 hrs in 4 days who cared my chickens came first.

    Monday, I bought a 5x5 circular pen. 59.9 at home depot then a really thick green plastic (melt free)11.99.
    They were so happy to be in the sun it was exiting to see.

    Perches 5 5ft bamboo sticks 2.99
    Numerous tie wraps 5.00

    They really enjoy it, yet for:
    10 special birds
    8 pullets it was still confining.

    So mommy said what can I do until the coop is finished.

    I went buy a screened in 14 x 12 uv protecion water proof canopy69.99 at Academy. Of course I added bricks and wood to surrond the bottom also moth balls and my good old owl. I do keep a light on at night to keep the enemies away.

    I haven't had a problem, yet not taking any chances. I have NOT lost any chicks since purchase.

    I added my 5x5 round pen inside for even more security. I cant put perches through the mesh so they have the atrium I built 14.99 many perchs and a small kennel in case we have to bail quickly.

    Here's the funny the original 4. I guess decided they want freedom, so they are on top of the kennel not budging for anything.

    Well the other 12 was crying crying and crying for them. They still weren't budging.

    I didn't want them to cry so no enemies could here them, and some perched without difficulty so snug.

    Then I had the rest. They love to sleep on top of boxes. I added a cardboard box they got situated everything is quiet.

    Now here's the rest.

    I bought some Alfalfa hay of course me being the spoiler I am I cut them in small pieces and have mercy forget the crack worms they loved it.

    My chickies love dry oats. ( I guess they are part horse.)

    I bought the cooler packs from the dollar store and add one to each water daily because its hot as hades here.

    I am a newbie and its all a first time for everything. I have come up with some inexpensive hen houses when they are ready this to is waterproof and enemy proof.

    I could give more ideas. I wanted to share incase someone wanted a quick and happy chickie playpen.

    Sorry, so long and soon I will add my mush recipe which they devour. I started making my own concoctions they love them. And I planted healthy plants in there pen.

    Yes, I soaked some worm crack in hid them to have fun, it's funny when one finds one they chase it to steal it.

    Lastly, they love fresh rosemary, mint, oregano, speramint, and sage.

    Have a lovely chickie day.


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  2. appps

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    Aug 29, 2012
    That looks like a great setup for daytime when you are around :). I'm sure they are loving that sunshine!

    I wouldn't leave them in it at night though. Lights won't be enough to deter predators for even a second.
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    Aug 26, 2009
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    Anything that wants to get to them (predators, loose dogs, ) will be able to do so easily. Chickens are easily confined, predators are not. Be careful with the moth balls. I use them to keep squirrels from digging holes. Even with the mothballs outside, the smell gives me bad headaches. I don't know if chickens have a sense of smell but, they may happily try to eat them.:(
  4. chickiezar

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    Apr 12, 2016
    I may remove the moth balls.
    I have 3 German Shepherds and I think that helps with the predators. They are locked up at nighttime.

    You are correct when they were in there lil spot if one wanted to walk around the first thing they saw was that crystal ball. I placed them away from the pen. I used garlic too.

    They are locked up at night time without a doubt.
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  5. chickiezar

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    Apr 12, 2016
    I wanted them to have something to play in, yet safe for daytime. They also have a 10x10 kennel for now with a tin roof wrapped in 1/4 inch hard chicken wire and a wooden box with cardboard inside of the wooden box, because they love cardboard boxes. I did dig and put screen underneath inside the pen and kennel.

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